photo by Alex Hockett

Maddie’s parents sat across from them in the easy chairs facing the sofa, her mother’s hands trembling slightly from an excess of nerves as she offered cookies to their guest, while her father tilted his head slightly, a serious expression of concern darkening his face.

To their surprise and Maddie’s delight, they found Jon to be exceptionally pleasant, well-spoken and an expert in his field, computer programming; an engaging fellow from a good family, and someone they would have considered quite a catch, were it not for his ink and excessive jewelry.

After several minutes of polite conversation, Maddie cut to the chase with an announcement that caused her mother to drop the cookie tray and her father to launch into a coughing fit, “I’m so glad you all are getting along, because Jon and I are so happy and couldn’t wait to tell you that we eloped while we were in Vegas!”

kat ~ 1 September 2016

A Three Line Tale for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge based on this photo by Alex Hockett.

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