The Pod


Photo by Sonya of the blog Only 100 Words

The folks of Gold Plains are a peculiar bunch. They have managed to avoid the notoriety attributed to more famous spots like Roswell, Area 51 and Mount Rainier, while carrying on an oral tradition of the first sighting and the “visitors”.

Of particular note, if you happen to be traveling through Gold Plains, is the odd looking tower situated prominently in the downtown square. If you ask a local about it, you’ll get a grin and a nod, but no real explanation. The base of the tower is simply inscribed, “The First Pod – September 1945”.

I visited Gold Plains quite by accident a year ago when my car broke down. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, but I couldn’t help feeling like an outsider.

It’s strange. Since my visit, I have been having odd dreams and feel compelled to return. That, and the odd mark on the back of my neck. At first I thought it was an insect bite. Now, I’m not so sure…

kat ~ 29 December 2015

A story for Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer’s last prompt of 2015! Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting these fun challenges. If you would like to read other stories prompted by the photo you see above, provided by Sonya of the blog Only 100 Words, click HERE.

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