The Hero – Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge

 “I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.”

Photo Credit: Barbara W. Beacham

Photo Credit: Barbara W. Beacham 2015

God! I hurt like hell, but gotta keep moving or I’ll trigger his prey instinct.

It was just a simple matter of flipping a switch. These poor folks have been without power for over a week. Must’ve been a short in the switch that knocked me off the ladder. Just my luck! Try to be nice and it bites you in the ass!

It’ll be hours before they miss me. Should’ve called this stop in to dispatch. Another brilliant move!

Tom waved his arms, “Yeah, you old buzzard. I aint dead yet!”

It’s getting dark and that bird’ll be the least of my worries…

Gotta stay awake…keep moving…they’ll find you…stay awake…

Tom! Hey man, you okay?”

“I think I’ll live.  How’d you find me?”

“Your little stunt here blew the whole county out. Do me a favor. Next time you decide to be a hero, let someone know!”

~kat ~ 26 October 2015
(148 Words)

This story in response to Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge. If you’d like to read other stories or participate in the challenge, click HERE.

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