Crazy for Love – Monday’s Finish the Story – 21Sep2015

In response to Monday’s Finish the Story Weekly Prompt.  This story begins with the line, “She lived in a mango tree.”  Thanks to Barbara W. Beacham for the photo inspiration this week.

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

She lived in a mango tree. Some say she was as crazy as the cuckoo birds swirling around her long gray locks of hair. For forty years she had lived there. A tragedy of love, unrequited.

From the moment she saw him she knew he was her soul mate. But how would she capture his heart?

One day she followed him home…a simple house, set among a grove of mango trees. She conjured a brilliant plan. She would hide herself on the full moon and when he passed by she would sing sweetly from above (she was known for her beautiful voice). He would succumb instantly and they would be forever lovers.

As night fell, he arrived with maiden. She watched as they kissed, professing their love. She never sang that night or ever again, and vowed never to leave. She never did. He was her soul mate.

~kat / 21 September 2015

(149 words)

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