The Reading / FFfAW Challenge

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge 30…posted by PricelessJoy.   
Anika slid the stack of cards across the table, to tend the hissing teapot.

“Be right back. Cut the deck three times. Sugar?”

Her guest’s questioning eyes met hers.

“In your tea. Sugar. For your tea?”

She nodded “no,” without looking up.

While the tea steeped, Anika slowly revealed the top three cards. How could she tell this poor girl…

As if on cue, the storm raged into a tempest. Lightening flashed as a wind gust burst through the door scattering the cards.  

The session abruptly ended, Anika felt relieved. She would not be the bearer of misfortune this night.

kat ~ September 2015

(100 words)

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